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You can watch a rebroadcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service on Cable Channel 15 in Saint Francis at 12:00 Noon each Sunday.  You can also request a free DVD copy of any Sunday Morning Service by contacting the church office at 785-332-2928 or by email at [email protected] 
Peace Lutheran Church is served by Rev. Randy Nelson.  Pastor Nelson is a graduate of the Free Lutheran Theological Seminary in Minneapolis and has served congregations in Nebraska, Texas and Illinois over the last 
20 years and began his ministry here in St. Francis in August of 2011.  He and his wife Brenda, have six children whose ages range from twenty eight to twelve. 

If you would like to contact Pastor Nelson he can be reached at the Church Office most week day mornings at 785-332-2928 or you can email him directly at  [email protected].

What We Believe

 It seems good to us as we join together for common work and fellowship to state our beliefs in regard to the following matters.

1. We accept and believe in the Holy Bible as the complete written Word of God, preserved to us by the Holy Spirit for our salvation and instruction.
2. We endorse the statement on the Word as found in the United Testimony on Faith and Life and would quote here the following: 
"We bear witness that the Bible is our only authentic and infallible source of God's revelation to us and all men, and that it is the only inerrant and completely adequate source and norm of Christian doctrine and life. We hold that the Bible, as a whole and in all its parts, is the Word of God under all circumstances regardless of man's attitude toward it."
3. We accept the ancient ecumenical symbols, namely, the Apostles', the Nicene, and the Athanasian Creeds; Luther's Small Catechism and the unaltered Augsburg Confession as the true expression of the Christian faith and life.
4. We reject any affiliations or associations which do not accept the Bible alone as definitive for the life and practice of man and the church.
5. We endorse no one version or revision of the Bible to the exclusion of others. We recommend all which are reverent and true translations.
6. He who believes in and accepts the sufficient work of Jesus for his salvation and is baptized, is a child of God.
7. The Christian is united by the strongest bonds to those who share this faith with him whether they come from his own denomination or another.
8. We accept the Guiding Principles of the Lutheran Free Church as a true statement of our belief in regard to church polity.
9. The Holy Christian Church consists of those who in their hearts truly believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
10. A free congregation selects and calls its own pastors, conducts its own program of worship, fellowship and service and owns and maintains its own property.
11. The Christian seeks to refrain from those acts, thoughts, and words which are against a stated law of God. Where actions and practices are neither forbidden nor encouraged in Scripture by name, the earnest believer will search in the Scriptures for principles to guide his decisions and conduct.

(Submitted to the Special Conference of Lutheran Congregations at Thief River Falls, October 25-28, 1962).
Last revision on January 11, 1997.